Walk along the Geul near Cottessen


Go for a walk along the Geul at Cottessen. You can park your car at Buitenlust and walk straight through the orchards and meadows to the Geul.

See the 330-year-old Heimans Quarry (the oldest part of the Netherlands above ground!) and walk along the Scottish Highlanders who graze there in summer. Hiking is a real joy here.

Every view is a different picture, something that never bores.Cottessen was cultivated from the square farm Bellet, a farm that has been located there since the 13th century or earlier. The farm bears above the gate a plaque with the coat of arms of the abbey of Burscheid with the Latin motto Dominus Providebit ("The Lord will provide"). This used to be a poor region in Limburg and as a result the old half-timbered houses have often been preserved.

Around this time, Cottessen was still called Kothausen. Cottessen, together with Camerig, is a protected village. The first maps of this area from around 1760 show 14 farms or houses. Now that number is still the same and the appearance of the hamlet has remained almost unchanged. Time seems to have stood still here.